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The present invention relates to the water soluble self fluorescent Quantum Carbon Dots (C-Dots). These C-Dots are isolated from carbon soot in one embodiment a wax soot solvent washed and isolated from other larger material by filtration such as by membrane filtration. The C-Dots can be varied in their color by change of their size and by the amount of oxidative groups’ position on each C-Dot.

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Starting Material Of Cdots

The Multi-Layers of the Carbon Nanotube .It has a inner chamber where drugs or genes can be encapsulated. also on the surface of the walls there are carboxylic groups that you Can do surface conjugations with specific receptors.


This test was done on a Glioblastoma (Most aggressive form of Brain Tumor). if the Nanoparticles (Cdots) were not able to pass The Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) all the red dots would be seen in the white blood vessel. also, we were able to get a good uniform distribution within the brain.

Cdota Medi

We also saw that the cdots tend to aggregate towards the neurons. This will particularly be important if we choose to treat a disease like alzheimer’s since that’s where you need the medication to get to.


AFM Image Of Carbon Dots

Drosophila Melanogaster

Development Stage 1

Development stage 2